Premium 2018 Collection


Honey Droplet with 100% Manuka UMF 10+ are extremely popular with our health-conscious customers and the taste and texture is absolutely wonderful.

This 100.00% UMF 10+ Manuka honey has been tested by an independent laboratory and has earned the prestigious rights to display the official UMF trade mark from the UMF Honey Association in New Zealand which guarantees this product is true to label and guarantees to be UMF 10+ Antibacterial Activity Honey.


Honey Droplet with Propolis and Yuzu is the perfect example of our innovative technology by combining 100.00% pure raw honey with fresh Yuzu juice and the power of brazilan propolis

Combining the soothing qualities of 100.00% pure natural honey with the power of Brazilian  Propolis and deliciouse tatse of fresh Yuzu juice which has 3 times the vitamin C than a lemon.


Add Kona coffee and Blackcurrant