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The Worlds First Solid Honey

 For more than 37 years, The Honey Droplet team has revolutionized the health-food, medical, and honey industry by creating the world’s first solid honey product. Honey Droplet combines fresh herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables, with 100.00% pure raw honey, creating the world’s healthiest and incredibly tasty Honey Droplet Lozenge and healthy candy.

We offer our customers thousands of natural flavors and the opportunity to create their very own, original Honey Droplet for schools, supermarkets, health-food stores, professional sports clubs, pharmacies, drug stores, and hospitals, calling it their very own!. Honey Droplet has always been and will continue to be absolutely, 100.00% pure and natural, so you can be sure that we will never add sugar, colors, flavors, additives, maltodextin, trehalose, and is Non-GMO.

Honey Droplet is the only 100.00% pure honey lozenge in the world which naturally melts in your mouth but not in the packaging during warm weather. Hence, we never need to add additives, maltodextin, or trehalose as other companies do in order to stop it from melting.

Honey Droplet continues to lead the world with our world’s first 100.00% solid honey products that are second to none. We are committed to work with partners from around the world in order to create new and exciting products supporting people’s health and wellbeing